MINI A TURE - sustainable clothes for children

MINI A TURE was founded in Copenhagen in 2002 and their clothes are the result of 20 years of true craftmanship. From the beginning they have wanted to dress their children in high-performance and comfortable outerwear, thereby encouraging them to have wonderful experiences in nature, regardless of the season and weather.

For every MINI A TURE style being produced, the company strives to take the most conscious and responsible choices possible when it comes to materials, productions methods, and suppliers. MINI A TURE clothes are made of certified organic or recycled materials and are free from any identified harmful chemicals or endocrine disruptors.

MINI A TURE believes in doing business as a force for good, and as part of this approach they work exclusively with certified suppliers and factories. Hereby they can assure you that MINI A TURE clothes are produced in an eco-friendly way using the newest technologies, and the working and wage conditions are good. MINI A TURE is a B Corp™ certified, GRS certified, GOTS certified, and OEKO-TEX® certified company.

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