Manduka x Van Gogh

When Manduka learned about Vincent van Gogh – specifically, his story and challenges with mental health, they knew they were the right partner to help bring attention to his work and continue to speak to the power that yoga, meditation, and mindfulness provide to those struggling.

Manduka was inspired not only by Van Gogh’s art when he was happiest but also by how openly he approached his challenges. He served as an inspiration to them, as they hope he does for you.

The goal of Manduka's collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum and this collection is to encourage an open dialogue around the subject of mental health, but also to provide tools for coping – meditation, breathing techniques, and yoga to support a healthier mind and body connection.

These products are inspired by Van Gogh's beautiful art works; Almond Blossom, Wild Roses and Irises.

Manduka x Van Gogh

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