Tips for an autumn run!

Tips for an autumn run!

What would be a better way to enjoy the beautiful autumn sunshine than a run in the heart of nature. Running is excellent exercise in a natural environment and offers the chance for some peace and quiet, even in urban forests.
Take a look at the best equipment for autumn runs.

Running shirts and jackets

The same running clothes can be worn all year round if you know how to layer them correctly. You can layer under a water-repellent running jacket in cold weather, and the same products work well in summer too. In autumn, rain can surprise you in the middle of a run, so when choosing running clothes, it's worth looking out for quick-drying materials.
Merino wool is also a great year-round material, as it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. Check out our running shirts and jackets here.

Running tights and pants

The most important thing about running clothes is comfort, because the running experience is quickly ruined if the clothes don't fit properly. For cold days, we also have warm winter running tights to keep your legs warm.

Running gear

When running, one of the most important pieces of equipment is running shoes/sneakers. The Condor 2 running shoe in our range has been developed in collaboration with the running community and is versatile for long and short runs as well as light, restorative jogs.
When cooler weather arrives, it's a good idea to protect your ears with a headgear and, if necessary, slip a neck gaiter around your neck. In really cold weather, you can also layer two neck gaiters around the neck.

Have you already tried trail running?

Trail running is a fun and invigorating sport where the surrounding nature motivates and invites you to move. Running in the silence of nature is both a versatile workout for the body and a relaxing wind-down for the mind. Even short walks in the woods offer a nature experience and a break from everyday life.

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Have a great run!