June 15, 2019 1 min read

At Weekendbee we run an ambassador program called TestBees. Active, sporty people are recruited to use sustainably produced sportswear and we ask them to report how they like the products. Here you can read the story from our TestBee Rosie from Munich.



I am Rosie the new tester. I am a 29-year-old student from Munich. Most of the time you can find me either cycling in the city (in all kinds of weather) or climbing and hiking in the mountains. Spending so much time outdoors leads automatically to some kind of awareness for our beautiful planet. So sustainability is a huge topic for me and has ever been. It is a constant growth of knowledge for me and the smaller the steps the easier it is to integrate them in my everyday life. 


Rosie TestBee


Weekendbee gave me the opportunity to carefully choose sustainable items that I can use in multiple ways. As a cyclist I spend a lot of time on my bike, so a functional bag, which is easy to handle, is a must-have. It should be big enough for study stuff, groceries and clothes for weekend trips and I need a bag which is easy to open, water repellent for use all year round.

I found the AEVOR Trip Pack in bichrome. It has a classic, yet modern design with a lot of options for use. Since one month I have been testing this Trip Pack and I couldn`t be more happy about my choice. Mornings start with easy packing for the day, a circular zipper at the back helps to open the bag completely. Heavy medicine books in the middle, laptop at the padded extra compartment, water bottle outside at the side mesh and I am ready for the day. With a volume of 26 l expandable up to 33 l all my stuff finds its position including the groceries afterward at the roll-top. Easy packing, easy living!


Aevor Trip bag


Within this month I visited my brother over the weekend and went several times climbing. No matter what, the AEVOR Trip Pack went with me and I gained a lot of compliments along the way. I am satisfied with my choice, the bag proved to have a wide range of applications. It is comfortable to carry even for hours and my ecological heart is beating for sustainable solutions. 

For those who want to be informed about the sustainable facts, I did a little research before I chose my AEVOR bag at the Weekendbee page. Every item at the page has its own description about certifications and seals. The AEVOR Trip Pack is made out of 50% recycled PET bottles, purely vegan and has been made under fair conditions. There are no toxic chemicals, no child labor and safe working conditions for employees included.  


Rosie TestBee


It is a good feeling having chosen a product, that brings pleasure and comfort to me and has no harmful history. A little step, a little joy that everybody can help creating in order to live in a better world.




See the Aevor bag collection. 


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