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April 12, 2022 3 min read

Running! One of the easiest sports to start and head out for exercise. Whether you're running on city streets, on the track or on forest trails, there are a few tricks to choosing running clothes that will make your run even more enjoyable. 

On this page, we've put together tips for choosing responsible running clothes.  

Running tights, pants and shorts

Testbee Hanna in the picture is wearing Patagonia's Endless leggins paired with a Capilene Cool long-sleeved running shirt.

The most important thing about running clothes is comfort, because the running experience is quickly ruined if the clothes don't fit properly or chafe badly.

Patagonia's Endless running tights are made from recycled materials and feel comfortable even on long runs. Running tights should be tight, but shouldn't squeeze too much. The Endless tights can be tightened to fit with a soft drawstring. The small pocket can hold, for example, your keys for a run.

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In summer, rain might surprise you in the middle of a run, and when choosing running clothes, it's worth paying attention to fast-drying materials. Patagonia Strider technical running shorts are made from breathable stretch material and dry quickly. These running shorts are available for both men and women.  

Running shirt breathes and dries quickly

The same running clothes can be worn all year round, as long as you know how to layer them correctly. Favouring multi-purpose and long-lasting clothing is an eco-act in itself. You can layer under a water-repellent running jacket in cold weather, and the same products can easily be worn in summer too. 

In the picture: the Patagonia Houdini windbreaker provides good protection in windier conditions. Underneath, a breathable Capilene Cool long sleeve and let the jogging begin!

Patagonia Capilene Cool is a technical sports shirt with sun protection that won't sweat in warm weather. This soft shirt is suitable not only for jogging but also as a versatile leisure shirt. Capilene is available at Weekendbee in tops, t-shirts, long sleeves and long sleeves for men and women. 

A fitted running bag/vest to carry drinks and small items 

In summer, and especially on long runs, it's a good idea to carry some fluids with you. Water or a sports drink is handy to carry in a running vest. The Patagonian Slope Runner is a unisex running vest that holds 2x500ml HydraPak water bottles, energy bars and a change of clothes. It's also a good idea to carry first aid supplies with you when you're out.



The running vest fits properly and is easy to tighten or loosen, for example, according to the layers of clothing. When you want to capture your beautiful jogging shots, your phone is conveniently located in the front phone pocket! You' ll forget having a lightweight vest on a long jog, as it adapts well and doesn't flap around when fully packed. Available in both men's (8L) and women's (4L) models

Running shoes

When running, one of the most important pieces of equipment is running shoes/sneakers. The Condor 2 running shoe in our range has been developed in collaboration with the running community and is versatile for long and short runs as well as light, restorative jogs. Combining maximum comfort with a sense of security, the Condor 2 is the most reliable companion when you want to enjoy your run.

In 2020, the VEJA Condor was voted Product of the Year in the running category at ISPO by 42 professional judges.

Choose your favourite playlist, pack your sunglasses and head out for a run!

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Thanks for the photos Hanna @hanehanneli