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W's Duffy Skirt - Recycled PET

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Houdini W's Duffy Skirt

Functional skirt made for any summer adventure. The light and quick drying fabric in combination with great packability makes it a great travel buddy.


Light and cool as an ocean breeze. Duffy Skirt is the perfect garment for hot summer days. It is light, soft, stretchy and dries quickly. The packable material and stow pocket makes it perfect to bring in your beach bag or backpack when you are on the go.

Ultimate comfort in a garment, that’s probably the easiest way to describe Duffy Skirt. It’s soft, stretchy and light. Perfect to wear to the beach or a hot summer hike. The packable fabric makes it an excellent travel buddy. A little warning though: Once you put it on, you will have a hard time changing back into anything else.

Duffy Skirt is made in Trail Stretch™, a highly functional and super light fabric in 89% recycled polyester and 11% elastane. It’s the same fabric that we use in trail running shorts, which makes the Duffy Skirt a lot more functional than what the elegant look might suggest. It’s designed for activities, with slits in the sides for full freedom of movement. The skirt has two zippered side pockets that also doubles as stow pockets.

Duffy Skirt is the perfect match if you are looking for a functional and highly versatile skirt for any summer adventure.

  • Lightweight
  • Quick drying
  • Soft Excellent airflow
  • Cool feeling in hot weather Hidden elastic at waist
  • Slit at side for better movement
  • Zippered side pockets
  • Stowable in side pocket
  • Made from 89% recycled fibers
  • Bluesign® approved fabric
  • Weight: 110 g


Main Fabric: Trail Stretch™

Light and soft fabric perfect for warm days. Quick drying and excellent air permeability.

  • Origin: Taiwan 89% recycled polyester, 11% elastane
  • Weight: 95 g/sqm
  • Non-pilling and snag free
  • Wicking finish
  • Dull face
  • Soft next to skin
  • 4-way stretch
  • Quick dry
  • Bluesign® certified

Size & Fit:

Regular Fit

Care Instructions:

Base layers, everyday garments and fleece made of synthetic fabrics

When washing clothes made of synthetic fabrics, the use of a washing bag becomes even more important: It prevents microplastics from entering into rivers and oceans.

  • Air clothes instead of washing to save water, energy and to make the garments last longer.
  • Use a washing bag to protect your garments and to prevent fibers from leaking. When cleaning the bag and filter in the machine, make sure to wipe it clean and throw the lint in your trash can. Never rinse it in water since we don’t want the fibers to end up in lakes or oceans.
  • Machine wash cold.
  • Use mild environmentally certified detergents and make sure to use the right dose.
  • Avoid fabric softener. Besides being harmful for our environment, they have a negative impact on the garment performance, mainly moisture transportation and breathability.
  • Do not dry in dryer. This exposes both the garment and the environment to unnecessary wear and tear. Most polyester garments dry quickly anyway.
  • Hang dry.

What's sustainable:


  • This product is Bluesign® certified, meaning that the production is vetted by a third party to eliminate any harmful chemicals or substances right from the beginning of the production process. This benefits both people, animals and our entire planet.


    • At least 50% of the fibers in this garment come from recycled sources, either recycled clothes or other sources like PET bottles. We mainly use recycled polyester, which has many benefits. It reduces both CO2 emissions and water use compared to virgin polyester. How much depends on the type of recycling. One of our suppliers show 32% less CO2 emissions and 94% less water use for mechanically recycled polyester. In addition to the impact in production, the major shift is using "waste" as raw material instead of crude oil. 

    About Houdini Sportswear

    Ski, climb, hike and explore the wild with minimal environmental impact

    Houdini is a Swedish brand founded by mountaineer Lotta Giornofelice, a pioneer in the production of responsible outdoor clothing. The team of Houdini have spent the last 25 years creating sustainable alternatives for the sportswear.

    The Houdini design team is an odd band of scientists, artists and adventurers united by a passion for solving the challenges of sustainability in the clothing industry. The team creates technical, minimalist outdoor apparel that let you experience the wonders of the world without causing harm.

    Every garment in the collection is made from 100% either recycled, recyclable, renewable or biodegradable materials. Circular products, made from recycled and recyclable materials are a real game changer, but Houdini needs your help for the system to work. When your Houdini garments are completely worn out, please return them to Weekendbee and we’ll recycle it back to Houdini’s production.


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    Houdini Duffy hame

    Ihanan kevyt ja ilmava hame kesähelteisiin, mielenkiintoinen leikkaus ja muutenkin mukava päällä.