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Winter Headband - Made From Wool

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Varg Winter Headband, made out of Wool (50%)

Winter wool headband with knitted Varg pattern and a soft fleece lining. Produced by Swedish Sätila


  • Jacquard knitted wool headband
  • Fleece lining for extra warmth
  • Jacuard knitted
  • Fleece lining 10cm in hight
  • Small varg label
  • Fabric from Sweden


  • 50% knitted wool, 50% knitted acrylic
  • 100% knitted fleece polyester lining
  • Made in: Poland

    Care Instructions

    • Wool Wool is one of the best functional material that we know of. It is natural dirt and odor resistant so garments in wool should not be washed so often. Instead air the garment once in a while. If washing too often the wool fibers are worn down.
    • Natural fibers pills. Make sure to take care of your garment by removing these fibers continuously by hand or with a wool comb and throw the fibers in the trash.
    • Wash your product a gentle program, preferable wool program, in cold water. (maximum 30 degrees)
    • Use a washing bag to protect your garments and to prevent fibers from leaking out into our lakes and oceans. We recommend using a Guppyfriend washing bag. Make sure to wipe out the microfibers from the bag and through it in the trash, never rinse it out.
    • Use a biodegradable and fluorocarbon free detergent. If possible chose a wool detergent. Do not use softener. Do not tumble dry instead flat dry on towel.

    What is Sustainable?

    • Recycled wool & wool Wool is a fantastic natural material, a powerful insulator with many other great functions. Also wool is a sustainable material. The fabric uses less water and energy compared to other materials. It is 100% biodegradable and does not contribute to micro plastic pollution. The 100% merino wool we use in base layers is Woolmark certificated, high quality wool and mulesingfree. Many of Varg wool products are made of recycled wool. The recycled wool is left over materials from production or old garments that have been re-spun into new material. The environmental benefits when using recycled wool are reduced use of water, energy and chemicals and we also reduce the amount of waste. Our recycled wool pile has a mix of synthetic spun into the yarn to make the material a bit stronger. Our recycled wool pile is made in Italy and our producer are certificated with Oeko-Tex standard 100, Global recycled standard GRS, and has a declaration for mulesing-free wool. A garment in our wool blend will make sure you are warm, but also offers fantastic comfort, since fibres are so breathable. If you get a bit damp, no worries the wool will still keep you warm.

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