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Gemstone Lunchbox - Stainless Steel

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SIGG Gemstone Lunchbox - durable and stylish box to take everywhere

Meal Prep – or simply precook and take your favourite food with you wherever you go: healthier (BPA- and plastic-free), tastier and cheaper! For this trend, we supply you with the perfect lunch box, which impresses with its particularly elegant appearance. The lunch box from our Gemstone collection is made of 18/8 stainless steel - therefore as resistant and durable as stone and timeless like a gem. The included silicone seal ring ensures that the box is leak-proof. Indulge yourself in the moment of a perfect break with your home-made meal!



With the rapid growth of environmental awareness SIGG provides you with the perfect alternative to plastic packaging. The durable 18/8 stainless steel makes the food box resistant to deformation and its construction allows for comfortable use whether at work, in school or while travelling.


Have you ever struggled with a leaking food packaging? Now you can carry your meal without concerns: the engineers of the Gemstone Food Box have created a box that does not only look good but is also highly functional. The special construction of the box, the lid and the seal ensure that nothing will be leaking.


The new Gemstone Food Box comes with a removable 18/8 stainless steel separator which allows for stepless positioning and divides the box into two chambers. By doing so you can prevent different solid ingredients of your meal from mixing during the transport.


Convenient clips on both sides of the box thoroughly fix the lid to the body providing additional protection for your meal.

Length: 20.5 cm
Height: 6.8 cm
Width: 14.7 cm
Weight: 390 g
Country of origin: China


Durable 18/8 stainless steel

What's sustainable?
  • Made responsibly in China
  • Made from recyclable stainless steel

About SIGG

The history of SIGG started back in 1908, when Ferdinand Sigg, together with his friend Xaver Küng, founded a factory of aluminum production in the city of Biel in Switzerland. Sigg and Küng combined their love of metal and their faith in aluminum as the material of the future. SIGG's refillable, lightweight, and environmentally friendly beverage bottles have been manufactured in Switzerland for over a hundred years under strict quality control.

Each classic bottle is made of one aluminum component, so there are no seams that could leak in the finished product. Aluminum is a very durable and light material. Thanks to SIGG's patented and flexible EcoCare® inner coating, you can put carbonated drinks in your SIGG bottle without detaching anything from the aluminum. The inner surface doesn't collect odors or flavors, and the bottle is easy to keep clean. The bottles are recyclable, BPA-free, and approved by the food authorities.

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