United By Blue

Lets Get Lost Enamel 12 oz. Mug


Throw out the map and pick up our Let’s Get Lost Mug, the perfect companion for your next trip to the mountains (or to your corner coffeeshop). 

Every United By Blue product purchased removes 1 pound of trash.

  • 3" W × 3" H / 7,6cm x 7,6cm
  • 12 oz. / 3,5 dl
  • Campfire, stovetop and dishwasher safe 
  • Rim and handle are double-dipped to withstand extra wear 
  • Made with hand-dipped enamel steel 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Note: Since these mugs are handmade, each piece varies slightly. Keep an eye out for quirks that make your mug truly yours — especially under the handle, where mugs are hung during the baking process 
  • Enamelware does tend to chip, but it will never break. Since the heavy-gauge steel beneath the outer porcelain layer naturally oxidizes, these enamel mugs are still safe to use after chipping. Plus, the chips add character 


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