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Glass Dream Water Bottle

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Glass Dream Water Bottle 

This novelty of the SIGG collection is a must-have for all smoothies lovers - made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass - a fashionable accessory and pure drinking pleasure in 0.65 L. The material is also free from harmful substances such as, estrogen-active substances and phthalates. The soft silicone cover feels good to the hand and is at the same time a shock protection. The lid is covered with 18/8 stainless steel on the inside. Pure and modern drinking!

Product details

  • BPA FREE: All ingredients are BPA-Free. 
  • Handwash only
  • FOOD SAFE: This SIGG product has been produced with materials that are food safe.
  • HEAT RESISTANT: The material of your SIGG product is heat resistant. 
  • LEAK PROOF: This bottle SIGG bottle is totally leak proof. 
  • EASY CLEANING: Thanks to its design and characteristics, you can clean your SIGG product very easily. 
  • ANTI SLIP/ANTI-SHOCK: This bottle has a bumper which offers protection against blows. With this bumper your bottle won't slip on certain surfaces.
  • SWISS DESIGN: This product has been designed and engineered by our team and partners in Switzerland. 
  • PLEASURABLE DRINKING EXPERIENCE: The lid is coated with 18/8 stainless steel from the inside which means that your drink only comes in contact with stainless steel and glass!
  • STYLISH COMPANION OF YOUR ADVENTURES: Thanks to a carefully designed top, the bottle is easy to carry on your way to work, school or summer holiday adventure. We also developed a special silicone sleeve which protects your bottle from accidental slips.
  • GOOD FOR YOU AND FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: The borosilicate glass is heat-resistant, taste and smell neutral and keeps your drink fresh for many hours. Our Dream bottles are free from harmful pollutants and completely recyclable!
  • DELICIOUS WAY TO STAY HYDRATED: How about upgrading your beverage with fresh fruits and herbs? Our wide mouth glass bottles are a 'dream' for a fruit smoothie or water infusion.


  • Glass


Height: Ø: Weight:
24.4 cm 7.6 cm 424 gr

        About SIGG

        The history of SIGG started back in 1908, when Ferdinand Sigg, together with his friend Xaver Küng, founded a factory of aluminum production in the city of Biel in Switzerland. Sigg and Küng combined their love of metal and their faith in aluminum as the material of the future. SIGG's refillable, lightweight, and environmentally friendly beverage bottles have been manufactured in Switzerland for over a hundred years under strict quality control.

        Each classic bottle is made of one aluminum component, so there are no seams that could leak in the finished product. Aluminum is a very durable and light material. Thanks to SIGG's patented and flexible EcoCare® inner coating, you can put carbonated drinks in your SIGG bottle without detaching anything from the aluminum. The inner surface doesn't collect odors or flavors, and the bottle is easy to keep clean. The bottles are recyclable, BPA-free, and approved by the food authorities.

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