Pressios's sustainability - product page

One of the central themes of Pressio is sustainability and ethical trading. Pressio has taken a look at their entire supply chain, from yarn, to knitting mill, production houses and shipping. To find the best practice methods ensuring they are offering their customers world-leading products and the best way to look after both the planet and the people working on it. Each of us has a responsibility to do what is right, and as a brand, Pressio will do their part alongside aiding their partners and customers to follow suit.

For years, performance fabrication advancements have been at the sacrifice of ethical and sustainable approaches. Pressio wanted to change this.

We want to be held accountable; we are not doing this for marketing reasons; we are doing it because we know it is the right thing to do. You are not only our customers but partners on this journey to leaving our planet to our children, in a better place than how we inherited it.