Népra's sustainability - product page


Over 50% of Népra’s items are made using recycled polyamide, plastic waste collected from oceans and landfills, or recycled polyester and cotton, materials made from post-consumer and industrial waste. They have the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certificate, which guarantees harmful chemicals haven’t been used in the manufacturing process. Népra uses recyclable and plastic-free packages, and they encourage and guide their customers to take care of the products and repair them. Népra also supports the John Nurminen Foundation, which protects the environment (Baltic sea).

Social Conditions

Népra shares the origin of the materials, design, and manufacturing openly, they use fabrics made in Italy, and their factory is located in Estonia. The lazywear products are made in a BSCI audited factory in India. Népra participates yearly in the Fashion Revolution campaign, which works for a more transparent textile industry and wants to end human and environmental exploitation.


Over 50% of the electricity used by the brand and manufacturing their products is from renewable sources.

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