Lowa's sustainability - product page

LOWA was founded in 1923 and it's one of the Word's best-known shoebrands. They have high corporate responsibility standards, for example all of LOWA's shoes are made in Europe. LOWA bases its business on one principle: The longer a product lasts, the more environmentally conscious it is. The high quality of the individual materials used in the company’s footwear plays a major role. Only the very best materials are used in LOWA footwear. The company continuously tests all materials it uses in its own lab to ensure that things remain this way.

LOWA produces their shoes in a way that they are often possible to repair if something wears out. LOWA has their own repair service for resoling, heel replacement, seam repair and many more repairs.

Since 2008, LOWA has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, the international standard for quality management systems, and goes through an external audit every year. The certificate affirms that LOWA’s process procedures are clearly and transparently defined.