DÆHLIE's sustainability - product page

Cross-country legend Bjørn Dæhlie pushed the limits of his sport in the 1990s. He raked in Olympic medals and world championships. He established his eponymous brand in 1996, at the height of his career. Today DÆHLIE offers sustainably produced sportswear which are perfect for cross-country skiing, running and other high-impact outdoor sports.

The production sites are in Far East, and they are strictly monitored and follow the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights and The International Labour Organization ILO's regulations that involve: Equal pay between men and women, no child labour and no exceeding of normal work hours. All of their workers are entitled to overtime provisions, and to get breaks during their work days.

Most of the materials used for the production are bluesign certified, mulesing-free merino wool or recycled polyester.