"A bunch of old water bottles have never looked so good."

Girlfriend Collective, founded in 2016, believes in ethical manufacturing and recycled materials. Old water bottles and fishing nets are their main raw materials. Transparency was their first goal when starting Girlfriend Collective and it is still one of the most important values for them. They choose every part of their process with care, from raw materials to facilities of their partners.

All products are made from recycled materials. Recycled polyester comes from Taiwan which is nowadays the leader in recycling. For example, their Compressive leggings are made from 25 recycled post-consumer water bottles. The Girlfriend Collective processing center is owned by Taiwanese family and is certified by the Taiwanese government. Factories have SA8000 certificate which guarantees that employees are paid a fair wage and treated with respect. 

Another material they use is the recycled nylon which is manufactured from recycled fishing nets and other waste. By using these recycled materials they help clean the oceans, recycles waste and decrease the need for raw materials like crude oil, which is traditionally used in the production of nylon.

Girlfriend is actively looking for ways to help the planet and its inhabitants.

They have the following certifications:

  • Bluesign - Guarantee of product safety
  • SA8000 - Ethical garment manufacturing guarantee
  • Oeko-Tex - Safe textiles
  • GRS - Global Recycling Standard 


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