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Unisex The Shelter Anorak Jacket - Recycled Polyester

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Houdini Unisex The Shelter Anorak Jacket

Waterproof and breathable lightweight shell jacket stripped down to the very essentials. Recycled and recyclable. Fluorocarbon free. This garment is unisex. You still wear your regular size, Houdini just didn’t put different labels in the garment since the model is no different for men and women.

The anorak is a unisex model. Men's size is displayed first, followed by women's size (S / M corresponds to men's S-size and women's M-size.)


Nothing but the very essential. The Shelter is an ultra minimalistic shell jacket built for serious mountaineering and everyday adventures. Light, strong, waterproof, breathable and equipped with just what you need and nothing else.

Freedom grows with reduction. When a garment is designed for one specific activity, it tends to be less useful for everything else. The Shelter is stripped down to the very minimum and therefore extremely flexible. It’s up to you if you would rather take it big mountain skiing, bicycle commuting, kayaking or something else entirely. The Shelter is a wearable multi-tool. Bring it in your backpack and you will be sheltered from any unexpected weather.

The Shelter is made in light, strong and stretchy Loop Hardshell. It’s a 3-layer water- and windproof shell with excellent breathability. The fabric is made from 70% recycled polyester and is completely free from fluorocarbons. To minimize weight and bulk, The Shelter has no zippers. Three buttons adjust the collar width and the hood is helmet-compatible and fully adjustable. It has a generous kangaroo pocket with an internal cell phone pocket and ventilation mesh.

If you are looking for a strong and super light mountaineering shell that has everything you need but nothing else, The Shelter is a great choice. Thanks to the lack of surplus feature it packs down very small and weighs in at only 460g for a men’s medium/women's large. Live light, be free.

The Shelter is unisex. This means you still wear your regular size. The Men's size is shown first, then the Women's Size (S/M equals Men's Small and a Women's Medium). Houdini just didn’t put different labels in the garment since the model is no different for men and women.

The Shelter is fully recyclable and we kindly ask you to return it to Weekendbee when it’s completely worn out. This way Houdini can use the raw material for new products and nothing goes to waste.

  • Relaxed fit
  • Unisex sizes, see size guide
  • Made to move construction
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Drawcord at bottom hem
  • Elastic sleeve ending
  • Helmet compatible hood
  • 2-way adjustable hood
  • Kangaroo pocket with internal pocket
  • Adjustable collar with buttons
  • Made in recycled and recyclable fibers
  • Fluorocarbon free
  • Weight 460 g
  • Made in Estonia


Main Fabric: Loop Hardshell™

A durable fabric with mechanical stretch for high comfort. Tough and silent with a dull and smooth face. Waterproof, breathable, ripstop construction with good abrasion resistance.

  • Origin: Japan
  • 70% recycled polyester, 30% polyester face fabric
  • Atmos™, 100% Polyester membrane
  • 100% polyester jersey backing fabric
  • Weight: 169g/sqm
  • Breathability; 20,000 g/m2¥24 hrs
  • Waterproofness: 20,000 mm H2O or higher
  • High density fibers for high durability
  • Mechanical 2-way stretch
  • DWR finish, Fluorocarbon-Free
  • Bluesign® certified
  • Recyclable

Membrane: Atmos™

Atmos™ Membrane is a hydrophilic membrane, not micro porous, and at the molecular-level moisture moves through the fabrics. The more moisture that is in circulation the greater the ability of the membrane to move moisture away from your body. With Atmos we are sure we have a membrane that delivers Houdini standards when it comes to high performance in an environmentally sustainable way, which no other membrane at the market can live up to. Atmos™ membrane is made from recyclable polyester.

Care Instructions:

When washing clothes made of synthetic fabrics, the use of a washing bag becomes even more important: It prevents microplastics from entering into rivers and oceans.

  • Air clothes instead of washing to save water, energy and to make the garments last longer.
  • Use a washing bag to protect your garments and to prevent fibers from leaking. When cleaning the bag and filter in the machine, make sure to wipe it clean and throw the lint in your trash can. Never rinse it in water since we don’t want the fibers to end up in lakes or oceans.
  • Machine wash, max 40 °C/104 °F.
  • Use mild environmentally certified detergents and make sure to use the right dose.
  • Avoid fabric softener. Besides being harmful for our environment, they have a negative impact on the garment performance, mainly moisture transportation and breathability.
  • Tumble dry on low heat.
  • Iron on low heat.

What's sustainable:

  • Bluesign

    This product is Bluesign® certified, meaning that the production is vetted by a third party to eliminate any harmful chemicals or substances right from the beginning of the production process. This benefits both people, animals and our entire planet.


    This product is fully circular, meaning that it's made either from recycled and recyclable or renewable and biodegradable fibers. Most products in today's society are made in a linear lifecycle, where earth's resources are extracted, used and then discarded. This is not working in the long run and comes at a great environmental impact. Instead, Houdini wants to close the loop and reuse the material they already have. But they need your help. When your Houdini garments are completely worn out, please return them to Weekendbee.


    At least 50% of the fibers in this garment come from recycled sources, either recycled clothes or other sources like PET bottles. Houdini mainly uses recycled polyester, which has many benefits. It reduces both CO2 emissions and water use compared to virgin polyester. How much depends on the type of recycling. One of Houdini suppliers shows 32% less CO2 emissions and 94% less water use for mechanically recycled polyester. In addition to the impact in production, the major shift is using "waste" as raw material instead of crude oil.


    The fabric in this garment is fully recyclable. Instead of becoming waste, the raw material can be used for new products. Houdini's goal is that by 2030, they will take no raw material to their products from the earth's crust. Circular products, made from recycled and recyclable materials are a real game changer, but Houdini needs your help for the system to work. When your Houdini garments are completely worn out, please return them to Weekendbee. 

About Houdini Sportswear

Ski, climb, hike and explore the wild with minimal environmental impact

Houdini is a Swedish brand founded by mountaineer Lotta Giornofelice, a pioneer in the production of responsible outdoor clothing. The team of Houdini have spent the last 25 years creating sustainable alternatives for the sportswear.

The Houdini design team is an odd band of scientists, artists and adventurers united by a passion for solving the challenges of sustainability in the clothing industry. The team creates technical, minimalist outdoor apparel that let you experience the wonders of the world without causing harm.

Every garment in the collection is made from 100% either recycled, recyclable, renewable or biodegradable materials. Circular products, made from recycled and recyclable materials are a real game changer, but Houdini needs your help for the system to work. When your Houdini garments are completely worn out, please return them to Weekendbee and we’ll recycle it back to Houdini’s production.


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Eeva Manninen
Täydellisen ja hyvännäköisen takin metsästys on päättynyt

Ostin takin arvostelujen ja minimalistisen ulkonäön perusteella ympärivuotiseksi kuoritakiksi, enkä kadu hetkeäkään!

Nyt talvella olen käyttänyt takkia pyöräillessä ja ulkoilessa päivittäin. Takki pitää tuulta sekä vettä hyvin ja kuivuu nopeasti. Mallinsa ansiota, takki istuu hyvin ja on todella miellyttävän tuntuinen päällä. Sopii myös lenkkipolkujen ulkopuolelle kaupunkikäyttöön mallinsa ansiota.

Takin taskuun mahtuu kaikki oleellinen mukaan ilman, että tasku pullottaisi. Taskun sisällä on myös vielä toinen pieni tasku esimerkiksi avaimille. Hupun saa säädettyä hyvin istuvaksi niin kypärän kanssa kuin ilman.

Otin normaalia käyttämääni kokoa isomman, että alle mahtuu tarvittaessa kerrostamaan kylmillä säillä ja halusin, että se näyttää vähemmälläkin kerrostamisella "loose fit" malliselta.

Takin valitsin kauniin vihreänä : kuvissa se näyttää hieman harmaammalta, kuin mitä se livenä on.

Houdini Shelter

Hankin Houdinin shelter-anorakin ympärivuotiseksi kuoritakiksi ulkoiluun. Arvoin kokojen S/M ja M/L -välillä, koska halusin anorakin alle mahtuvan kerroksia, kuten kevytuntuvatakin. M/L-koko osoittautui liian suureksi, vaikka vanha kuoritakkini oli kokoa L. Päädyin kokoon S/M ja takin alle mahtuu reilusti kerroksia ilman että anorakki kinnaa mistään.

Anorakki on osoittautunut loistavaksi valinnaksi niin laskettelussa, pyöräilyssä kuin ulkoillessa. Huppu mahtuu sekä laskettelu- että pyöräilykypärän päälle ja kapeiden hihansuiden takia hanskat asettuvat hihansuiden päälle ilman taiteilua. Muutenkin takin tekniset ominaisuudet ovat osoittautuneet hyviksi.

Takki on myös hyvännäköinen ja valitsemani vihreän sävy on luonnossa vielä kauniimpi kuin kuvissa.


Ihana, laadukas takki ja väri on todella kaunis.

Ihana takki

Oli juuri sitä mitä ajattelin. Koko on hyvä ja ympäristönäkökulma kivasti esillä. Sävy vaihtelee kivasti eri valoissa.


Houdinin The Shelter on todella upea takki. Pitää vettä ja tuulta. Alle mahtuu kylmemmällä säällä lisää lämpökerroksia. Ja tämä pinkki vispipuuroa kaltainen väri on ihana ja saanut paljon kehuja.