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Bees are especially important for us at Weekendbee hence the -bee name! The wellbeing of bees and the education of their importance is part of Weekendbee´s mission, so we joined forces with Sugar Daddies Co to spread this sweet message around the world. We talked with one of the Daddies, Ville Rinta, about flowers, bees, and honey.

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What is Sugar Daddies Co?

The innovative Sugar Daddies Co was founded in Isokyrö, Finland by four mates who were inspired to work with bees, honey and other bee-related produce like propolis and pollen. The idea to start beekeeping came from the effort to quit eating candy and from the dream to make own surf wax.


Sugar Daddies from Isokyrö


Why do we need to protect the bees? 

Bees are super important because they enable our current diet! Bees are responsible for pollinating one-third of the food we are eating. Everyone can help the bees by planting native flowers and buying only plants and flowers that haven´t been sprayed with pesticides. You can also build your own beehouses to your backyard or forest.  

What is the Naked Honey that Sugar Daddies produces? 

Naked honey means un-heated and unfiltered honey. The heat kills the good microbes from the honey and filtering means losing the origin of the honey. 


Naked honey from Sugar Daddies


What kind of honey should we buy to support the bees? 

We recommend buying honey from a local small producer. They are able to keep the honey fresh when putting it in the jars. Sugar Daddies make distinctive batches of honey from individual areas. All honey is put into jars fresh right after collecting and without stirring. This is how you can taste the differences and of the areas and the textures. Honey from different areas have different textures and also you can taste the flowers and plants from these areas. 

The latest innovation of the Sugar Daddies is the Arctic Surf Beeswax. What is it?

Arctic surfing and outdoors is close to our hearts so we wanted to make our own ecological winter surf wax from the ingredients of our farm. To make one block of surf wax the bees need to produce half a kilo of honey! Bees turn the honey into beeswax and we collect the extra wax out during the season. We also recycle the old waxes coming from the honey processing. Wax is then cleaned, melted and mixed with local cold-pressed hemp oil and spruce resin. The resin is collected ecologically without making cuts to the trees. We finish the mix with our own secret spice to make it perfect sticky winter surf wax! You can even eat it or use it for scratches, all ingredients are antiseptic.  


Arctic surf in Lofoten


What other honey products are you planning for the future?

Later this year we are going to bring out honey where we have added propolis and pollen and also we´ll launch mustache wax to re-birth the Movember movement. 

Any greetings to us who are worried about the health of the bees? 

Take care of the little ones by planting flowers, not grass! :)

Thank you, Ville and the Sugar Daddies Co! You will hear more about our collaboration projects later this year!


Check out the Arctic Surf Wax.


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